An infinite sex session

There is nothing I like more than being tied up.

When I was very young, I accidentally saw a picture of a woman tied up, since that it was always around my thoughts. I thought so much about women tied up that sometimes I even felt bad about doing it… but this feeling did not last long, because then I returned to devote thoughts to these delicious images.

Before knowing that these images had a sexual connotation, I thought it was art.

When I grew up and started having my first sexual experiences, without knowing why, I always asked my lovers to tie me to bed and make love to me like that, tied up, without being able to move. The desperation I felt when they tied my hands and feet to the bed, without giving me any chance of escape, was something sublime.

Over time I understood that bondage and shibari is literally a culture. Through the internet I discovered many things and through my experiences I knew what I liked. My tastes did not end in the pleasure of being tied, I also liked to be hurt…

I felt it like climbing a mountain, every time things got harder. I wanted the knots tighter, I wanted to be spanked hard, I wanted to be hanged with both hands until I took my breath away. I wanted it all because this raised me to a great level of pleasure and the harder the sex was, the more pleasant it was.

But I had become so addicted to this hard sex that even my usual lovers ended up exhausted and I still want more. Until I met her.

She was called Maria. One day she went to work in the same restaurant where I was a waitress. She was the barista. She was a woman with short hair, deep eyes and an athletic body. She loved coffee and for her it was a serious thing. She was also a slightly silent woman, she didn’t like to talk much, always seemed to be thinking about something. When I told her anything, she responded with a nod or a gesture made with her eyebrows.

I consider myself a straight girl but I must admit that Maria aroused some curiosity in me. I wanted to meet her, know her past, her tastes but she was so reluctant to talk that I simply gave up trying to have a conversation with her.

But there was a day when, by chance, someone was celebrating something at the restaurant and all the employees stayed late to celebrate. Maria drank a couple of beers and started talking. But she seemed not to want to talk to anyone than me.

She turned out to be much nicer than I thought. Without realizing it we were talking for a long time, then we went to a nearby bar, we continued talking and drinking until we finished at his house. One thing led to another and we ended up kissing each other.

She took me by the neck and bit my mouth like an animal. She was so violent that for a moment I was afraid, but this excited me so much that I never thought about stopping. I wanted to do it with her and make it hard for me.

When we undressed, she stopped and told me that she liked things a little extreme, I told her to do what she wanted with me. And she did it.

She tied my feet and hands together like an animal and fucked me like I had never been fucked in my life, only with her fingers and her mouth. But unlike the other people with whom I had slept, she seemed never to tire. And she whipped me, fucked me and made me cum again and again and again. I couldn’t go on anymore, but I didn’t want to tell her to stop. She never stopped.

It was at that moment when I found what I was looking for.

love it! :heart: thanks for sharing