Banging in the toilet room - gay

I had to fight my way through the crowd to get to the toilet. I finally made it to the door and it was a line in front of it. ‘’Oh shit’’ I thought now I’m gonna have to pee on the street like a hobo. Then I remembered from my last visit here, there is another toilet behind the boots in the corner. That one will not be this crowded, most of these guys are here for the first time, and they don’t know the place.

To my surprise there was one guy standing by the sink, fixing his raven black hair in the mirror. He looked very young, couldn’t have more than 21, skinny teen look, super tight shirt and pants, stylish hair, a little feminine moves as most of the teens have. Our eyes met in the mirror. I looked away and walk to the closest urinal.

It was such a relief when the first streak of piss left to hit the bowl, I didn’t realize how close I was to pee myself, pressure on my bladder eased. In the middle of my nirvana state of mind, I heard footsteps and before I could do something, the raven hair boy was next to me.

I couldn’t stop the peeing, he leaned against the wall with his eyes on my dick. Blood rushed to my face.

‘’nice cock you have there!’’ His breath was stinking of alcohol, drunk as fuck. I didn’t know what to say I never interact with that type of gay man, young, arrogant and entitled. I have nothing in common. I stayed away from that type even when I was in high school.

‘’Wanna fuck me with that?’’ He asked without missing a beat like it’s a normal thing to say to the stranger. It made me feel flattered and mocked at the same time.

If it wasn’t the attitude and bitchy flamboyant moves, he could pass as a very nice boy. His face close to me now, revealed an innocent looking pretty boy, no not a pretty, extremely beautiful boy.

I finished peeing but I left my dick hanging out freely. ‘’Why would I fuck you? ‘’ I asked clumsy, trying to buy some time to think.

‘’Because, old man, I lost a bet and now I have to let the first person that comes in here, fuck me’’

He stood straight attempting to look confident in his words, but it was obvious he was nervous. And what does he means ‘’old man’’? How daring!

‘’You are drunk and those are not very good friends you have’’ I schooled him.

‘’Whatever’’ He rolled his eyes ‘’Look, tonight is obviously not my night, I lost the bet, and from all the hot guys outside, You walk in after me, talking about bad luck’’ He stumbled with his words but still managed to insult me again.

I was getting less sympathetic and angrier by the seconds.

‘’So, what do you say? When will you ever have another opportunity to fuck a boy like me?’’

He reached out and grabbed my dick, roughly pulling it and playing with it. Blood rush clouded my brain. He was right, it is far from the ideal situation, but I would be a fool to miss this.

‘’Ok, get into the stall’’ I accepted the challenge ‘’what is your name?’’

‘’I’m Flo’’ He said smiling and closing the door of the stall.

It was a tiny space, we could barely move, but Flo took off his clothes with the light speed. Very bendy and elastic, I was impressed. Standing close to me just in his tight briefs, the smell of arousing expensive perfume hit me like an aphrodisiac.

Smooth skinny body, at the reach of my hand, seductively moving and teasing me, my dangling dick was hard as a rock from the sight and smell. I jerked it a few times just to make sure it is my dick and not some hard piece of wood.

‘’Are you sure you want to do this?’’ I gathered the last pieces of strength in me to ask.

Flo smiled cynically and tossed me a condom ‘’Shut up, and let’s get over this.’’

I lost it, every sense of decency left my brain.

I pushed him to face the door, hands high above his head, pulled his briefs down all the way.

Small tight cheeks, felt soft under my fingers, I could almost fit both of them in my hand.

I kicked his feet apart spreading the legs. My hand fondling the butt, feeling up the smooth surface. My middle finger followed the crack and found the small hole. It was tiny but my finger easily slid in all the way. It was already lubed up and greasy. Little whore, he came prepared.

‘’ Hm, I see this not the first time for you’’ I sad while fingering and stretching the hole savagely.

‘’You don’t think I would give my virginity to you, old man, would anyone?’’ Flo reply.

Even with my finger up his ass, he was still cocky and nasty. I pushed another finger in. He gasped.

‘’Oh, you like that ha? Feels good?

‘’Yes, it feels great’’ Flo answered ‘’work that hole daddy, work it deep’’

I pulled the fingers out, put on the condom and aimed my cock head to the entrance.

I grabbed his hips and force my rock hard cock strongly in one trust, all the way in. Flo was stretched but not stretched enough to take my meat this hard. He cried out in a high girly voice.

That didn’t stop me, turned me on even more. I pulled it all the way out and showed it back in, restraining his hips with my hands. Pulling him back on my cock. His scream filled my ears. It felt great to have this arrogant little fucker stuck on my cock and to hear him scream. I wanted him to feel the pain, never to forget. My hand wrapped around his little waste like an anaconda, holding him tight, no escape from this steel grip. He is gonna take every inch and take it hard.

My hips trusting strongly, hurling the cock deep inside. Pounding sound was overpowered with Flo’s screams. My balls hitting his ass. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back, whispering to his ear ‘’You like that, you little slutt’’ I showed the dick in roughly, his breath stopped for a second

‘’What, you forgot to talk now, not so cocky anymore’’ another trust of my hips, fucking him deep

‘’You like being my little bitch’’ He tried to move his hips, but I just got him tighter and pushed my dick even deeper. ‘’You are not going anywhere until I destroy that slutty hole of yours’’ I pull his hair harder, pulled out dick and forced it in all the way. Flo didn’t scream any more, just heavy breathing.

Short panting. I let go of his head, grabbed him by the hips with both hands and started pumping wildly. I fucked him fast and hard. Sweat was dripping from my head, my shirt was soaking wet, but I didn’t care. One more push, hard, and then one more, in and out, his lube worked out, I felt the friction even over the condom. It must have been painful for him now. But he deserves it. One more push, I was losing my breath. I cannot stop, it is so good. Feeling the inside and out of this young body. One more, the end is near, I can feel the ecstasy coming. I dug my fingers in his skin and showed myself in, to the root of my cock, Flo screamed and I spilled my seed in the condom. I gasped for air. It was coming more and more. Draining my balls. Leaving me empty.

Finally, I let go of him and pulled my dick out. Condom almost bursting with sperm.

Flo drops on the floor, still fully naked, unable to stand.

I zipped up my pants, tossed the condom in the trash, washed my hands and face.