Bathtub and hot hot water

I will start from the beginning: my job is very demanding physically and mentally. I work more hours than usual and my mental effort is much bigger. Of course, the pay is excellent but sometimes I find myself so tired that I don’t even have time to make love with my wife.

I just go home, take a long bath where I almost fell asleep in the tub with the hot water, I go out, I dry with the towel and then I go to sleep.

The truth is that I love my job and I am the best at what I do, but a man needs to satisfy his sexual appetite. I have thought about hiring prostitutes as some of my colleagues do, but I am always so focused on the job that I would not have time to do that. The only time I relax is when I’m taking a bath.

The boiling water completely covers me, warming up all the places in my body. My body relaxes while my heart speeds up. Not only do I relax, but immersed in the hot water I feel almost as excited as during an excellent fuck.

The bathroom is my only moment of relaxation during the day, the only time where I can stop being someone busy and I can become a person who is relaxed but also a person who is quite excited.

Hot water, especially, awakens my most perverse passions. When I am totally surrounded by hot water, I feel that I am penetrating my wife’s hot vagina, wet and completely ready for me. If I wasn’t so tired when I got out of the tub, oh how would I fuck my wife.

It is that she is an incredible woman, with a great ass, big tits and beautiful green eyes.

Well, what happened is that, for once in a long time, my day didn’t end so badly. I arrived home without being tired of work, ready to fuck with my wife until one of the two faints, but I did not find her. I had arrived early and therefore, the house was alone because nobody was waiting for me at that time.

“Well, it’s the destiny that doesn’t want me to fuck my wife. I’ll just masturbate, and then I will go to bed”, I said to myself and headed to the bathroom thinking about bathing in the tub and masturbating in the hot water.

But when I enter the bathroom, I find that my wife was in the boiling tub, touching herself hard. I approached her, who was surprised to see me there so early. I asked permission to enter and I plunged into the bathtub.

We were both there, looking into each other’s eyes. I felt my cock burn from the hot water but also from the desire I had to put it in her. Her white skin was flushed with hot water and her nipples were erect. She looked at me with desire while her legs were open and approached me. I took my penis in my hand and prepared to approach her sex, I had to penetrate her or I was going insane.

She placed her legs on mine and we placed ourselves in a way that could penetrate her. When I entered it, I knew I could die in peace, it felt as hot and delicious as being in the water. I wanted to fuck her hard and I did that. Supported from the tub, I went in and out of it, again and again. She moaned with all her might, as she never had. I enjoyed looking at her face with pleasure. My cock was getting harder and harder inside her until, after several onslaught, I ejaculated inside her, filling her with my seed.

After that day, since my moments in the bathtub, it’s not just in the bathtub. I found a solution to quench my sexual appetite. And I really finish satiated.