Black and White Love - Gay interracial

Steven was playing with his phone, tossing it between hands, switching the screen on and off. Anticipation was killing him, his stomach felt like tight knot. He couldn’t sit any more, got up and start pacing the short distance between the bench he was just sitting on and a newspapers stand, few feet away.

What if he doesn’t show up? ’’Calm down’’ Steven whispered, poor attempt to calm himself down.

They arranged this meeting a few days ago. It was instant chemistry when he started chatting with Jermaine online.

There was so many differences between them, Steven just turned thirty and Jermaine was only twenty-three, they were different nationalities, different cultures even different skin color. Jermaine’s beautiful ebony skin was on the opposite spectrum of his milky white.

This date was a bad idea, Steven thought. Just another heartbreak. As he was ready to leave, a voice called his name ‘’Steven!’’

He turned towards the voice and saw the most beautiful smile, the smile he remembered from the pictures.

’’Sorry, I had no signal on the phone, it was the traffic jam’’ Jermaine approached him and extend his hand for a handshake.

It felt like a mountain fell of Steven’s back. They are together, finally, ’’That’s all right, I knew you are gonna come’’ he lied, but it didn’t matter anymore, he was here.

’’So where do you wanna go?’’ Jermaine asked, still smiling with joyful sparks reflecting from his eyes.

’’Doesn’t matter’’ Steven answered

’’I hope you don’t mind’’ Jarmain paused, ’’I was hopping… I mean… I booked a sweet in a hotel for today’’ Jermaine’s voice trembled nervously. He was worried that Steven will say No, but that didn’t happen.

’’I don’t mind’’ Steven replied with the smile ’’You should have mentioned sooner, I’m dying to kiss you’’ He took Jermain’s hand in his and they walked towards the hotel.

The moment they stepped into the room, they fell into a hug. Passionately kissing, touching each other’s face, and hair, and arms. They were hungry for each other’s touch.

Clothes start flying off them, Steven pulled off his own shirt first, then grabbed the edge of Jermaine’s t-shirt swiftly releasing his torso, their naked chests pressed against one another, they were the same height, their eyes met, quick smile, then back to kiss. Tongs wildly tangled, hands roaming their backs. They couldn’t separate bodies, skin felt like its glued together. Steven finally managed to part, went down on his knees and pull down Jermaine pants. Fully erected cock sprang out, ready to be taken. Steven gripped his hand around the meat and circled his tongue on the head. A long moan from Jermain’s mouth meant that he was enjoying, Steven land one more lick and sucked the head in his warm mouth. Jermain grabbed the back of his head gently running fingers through Steven’s hair ’’Yes, that’s it’’ he moaned ’’So good, it’s so good’’

Steven inhaled the cock, couldn’t take it all the way, it was too big, but he was trying, gaging, drooling, tearing up, but he didn’t want to let go that precious cock.

’’Stop, stop’’ Jermaine gasped. ’’I want to suck you’’

Steven sat on the edge of the bed. Jermain reached down and pulled off his pants, tossing them across the room. Steven’s cock was as big as his hard and already wet and slick, precum dripping from the top. His breath felt hot on Steven’s cock. Working his head, taking the dick deep in his throat, Jermain uses one hand to play with Steven’s balls while he was jerking himself with the other. Finally he spits out the hard dick ’’I want to eat your ass, turn around’’ he said.

Steven did that, faced down in the shits and stick his ass up, spreading the legs, making space for the other man to nest himself in between.

’’Uh, such a nice ass’’ Jermaine said. His hand fell hard on the cheek. Steven gasped, tingling sweet pain ran to the brain.

’’You like that huh?’’ Jermaine replied while slapping again, then gently fondling, then another slap. Steven moaned with pleasure.

Jermaine’s fingers started circling the hole, ’’Nice’’ he comments, while feeling up the entrance

’’Baby I’m gonna eat you like sweet chicken’’ barely finishing the sentence, his head dug in between spread cheeks. Steven was shivering with ecstasy ’’Ah yes, yes, oh God, yes’’,

He needed him inside, his guts was on fire, and he needed that big cock inside him.

’’Stop’’ he begged, trying to push Jermaine head away, ’’Stop, I need you to fuck me, I want you inside’’

’’Oh baby, I will fuck you like there is no tomorrow’’ Jermaine sounded pleased with begging. Reached down for the lube that fell out from Steven’s pack and smeared a big squeeze on the hole and his erected cock.

He positioned himself to his knees, grabbed Steven’s hips and aimed at the entrance. Playing his dick around the hole, teasing, provoking, not pushing in yet. That drove Steven crazy, his body was burning in need. ’’Put it in, fuck me, put it in, please, please’’ he cried out, pushing his hips back trying to get himself on to cock.

’’Easy baby, easy…I’ll give it to you, it’s all yours…here, there you go’’ cock was stretching the hole, pushing its way in ’’There you go, that’s it, open that hole for me baby’’ Steven growled from pain, that dick was big, it hurt, but he will take it, he need Jermaine, He wants part of him inside.

The cock was slowly advancing in all the way, Jermaine’s hips pressed against the butt. Finally, they are connected.

Jermaine felt the warmth of the body on his cock. Hips start moving. Steven spread his legs as wide as he could, lowering the back and sticking out the ass. Jermaine running his hands up to the back, glazing milky white skin, while his hips were pushing deeper and deeper. He speeds up his rhythm, Steven moaned under him with pleasure. ’’How does it feel baby? Do you like my dick?’’ His hips slammed into ass.

’’It feels great,… i…love… your… dick, I love it,… give me… more, more’’ Steven’s voice was raspy, he tried to talk, but his moans and cry from pain, interrupting.

’’Yeah, yeah’’ Jermaine clinch his hand to Steven’s hips, pulling them back ’’Here you go then, you want more, I’ve got more’’ Shoving in dick, forcing himself inside. Another slap on the cheek, ’’How’s this feels?’’ A long cry instead of an answer from Steven meant that he liked it.

’’Turn around, I want to see your face’’ Jermaine said, pulling out his swollen cock.

Steven positioned himself on the back, pulling his knees to the chest. Jermaine pressed his cock again and entered him, much easy this time. Watching his cock disappearing inside the hole, and the look on Steven’s face while doing it, gave him inhuman power. They caught the rhythm together. Open milky ass taking big hard ebony cock. Steven’s legs spread wide, ass absorbing heavy pounding from the force of nature, he felt the man deep inside, ravishing his guts, his arms met on Jermaine’s back, hugging him tightly. Sweat was dripping, mixing together. Dick was sliding in and out, the skin of the cock rubbing the skin of the hole. In and out, than hard back in again, and again. Sound of flesh hitting flesh rang like a piece of sweet music to their ears, driving them stronger, and higher, they were floating together, heightening the hug, cock drilling in, deeper and deeper. Moans and screams from both of them, and more, and harder, take it in, deeper, harder…

’’Ah, I’m coming, I’m coming’’ Jermain screamed with full animal voice, arching his back, trusting the hips one last time deep inside. His cream spilled, filling the void. Few more twitches of his body, draining the last drop from his balls. Thick pearly white cream spilled out of the over flooded ass.

Muscles finally relaxed, adrenalin gone, they couldn’t move, bodies week. They stayed like that for a long time, both in a hug, not letting go.