Daddy-Kitten Steamy Role-Play Fetish

“Thank you, Daddy, I’m so cold. Will you warm me up?” Becky said coyly.

He didn’t answer; instead he slid into the bed with her.

“Go to sleep, Kitten.”

“Is mommy asleep?”

“Yeah, it’s just you and me, Kitten.”

“Good, I like it when it’s just you and me. Will you massage me, Daddy? I like the way it feels.” Becky didn’t suggest where exactly; she left that up to him. When his hand moved off her hip, sliding up her side under her nightgown, she knew she was on the right track.

His calloused hand was rough on her skin and it felt so good. Becky could feel his cock swelling against her ass but she didn’t mention that. His hand slid up and cupped her breast, automatically pinching her nipple.

“Oh Daddy, are you really supposed to touch me there?” She held her breath, praying he wouldn’t stop.

“Daddy’s just showing you how much you mean to him, Kitten. It means I’m happy.”

“Oh good, I want to make you happy.” She pushed her ass back against his erection. “Does this mean you’re happy?”

“Yes, Kitten,” he sighed deeply.

“Can I see it?

Instead of answering the question, he tugged her nightgown up and over her head. “Spread your legs for Daddy,” he whispered in her ear.

Those words made Becky so hot. Immediately, she lifted her knee and planted her foot on the bed. His hand released her breast and glided down her stomach to her crotch. Becky was already wet and his fingers glided easily through her cream.

“Why is it so slippery, Daddy?”

“Because you’re happy too, Kitten,” he responded.

“Do you like it slippery, Daddy.”

“Oh yeah, Kitten. I like it very wet and slippery.” His magic fingers stroke her clit and she knew she wasn’t going to last, between him touching her and the naughty role play, she was right on the edge.

“Oh Daddy, that feels good, but I feel funny maybe you should stop.”

“If it feels good why should I stop? Don’t worry, Kitten, this will be our little secret.” He slid his middle finger deep and Becky couldn’t hold back the moan.

“Oh, Daddy,” she sighed as he stroke harder and faster on that special spot he had found earlier.

Instantly, Becky’s orgasm exploded and she turned her face into the pillow to muffle the moan.

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