Dan's fetish scene

I stirred gently in my seat as both of them got the ball rolling. I could feel my erection pushing against the fabric of my pants, the naked couple in front of me were putting on quite a show.
“Hmmm”, I heard a soft moan escape the lips of the woman as the moan fondled her naked butt cheeks gently. This was something I had always wanted to do, watch two people fuck live and direct. It was finally happening, and it was damn erotic too. The man got things down, shoving his tongue into her mouth as the musical kissing sounds resonated around the whole room.
I watched as he pushed her gently to the bed, his erect cock dangling in between his legs as he got on top of her.
“Oh fuck!”, she moaned out loud as he thrust into her, and I felt my cock twitch at the really pleasurable sight. She wrapped her legs around him, digging her ankles into his buttocks as they became one. He started out gently as I watched, easing his cock in and out of her as she moaned. He kept going gently, giving her the time and space to get used to his size.
“Shit…fuck!”, he soon took things up a notch, her sounds of ecstasy getting louder in the process. I could feel my cock pushing so hard against my pants, as if it was trying to break out. He kept going, their wet bodies slamming and pounding together as they made love before my very eyes.
Her moans had graduated into pleasure screams now, and the guy was just pounding her engorged cunt with reckless abandon. He switched things up and turned her over, putting her in a low doggy position as he thrust his cock into her again. He took off from where he left off, the ‘Kpack!’ ‘Kpack!’ sound their wet bodies made blending perfectly with their groans and moans of ecstasy. I wanted to just flip out my cock and masturbate to the sight, but the rule was to just watch.
He pulled her hair all the way back, pounding harder and harder into her as she dug her fingers into the sheets. I knew they were close to the edge, and each stroke just took them closer and closer to the peak.
“Fuckkkkkkkk!”, she moaned out loud as she hit her peak, the orgasm ripping through her as her body vibrated. The man kept going, his own orgasm arriving moments later as he finished off inside her.
“How did you enjoy that?”, the man asked me after he had pulled his now limp cock out of her.
“That was the best thing I had ever watched”, I replied as I stood up from where I was seated, my cock shooting out proudly in front of me.
“You better go take care of that”, the woman pointed to my crotch as we all laughed.
“I will”, I replied as I picked up my coat and left.