Desire and Domination

I logged into my account and almost immediately, received my cyber fuck buddy’s messages. I was just a bored 18-year-old, so I signed up on this online dating website. This was when I met this married guy, Rodrick, who had some weird tastes when it came to sex. The weirdest things would turn him on. He would tell me what he would do to me if he had me tied up, and just like that, we both came together on video chat. Unfortunately, his wife was not into all that kinky stuff.

I opened the inbox and read his messages: Hey! Let’s meet up!

I asked him: For real?

He responded positive and arranged that we meet up at a hotel the next evening. Rodrick said that he would be waiting there for me desperately. That being settled, I waited for the next day in anticipation.

I went to the hotel the next day and met up with Rodrick. Together, we went up to the room that he already had booked. As soon as we stepped inside, he shut the door and locked it. He pushed me on to the bed and came on top of me.

He began to touch me everywhere, my tits, my pussy, inner thighs and my waist. His hands explored me while his tongue locked around mine. I moaned into his mouth. He suddenly stopped and opened a drawer, pulling out ropes.

I stared at them in surprise and looked at him questioningly. He gave a smile that told me to trust him. Then, he began to tie my hands together above my head, to the bed. He then took both my legs in his hands and parted them as far apart as he could, then tied them to the bed as well, one after the other. I was now fully bound, my legs far apart, my wet pussy glistening in the light and my hands bound entirely. He could do whatever he wanted to do with me.

Rodrick came closer and put his finger inside my pussy. A moan escaped my lips as he started thrusting it in and out of me. He inserted another and another, till he was fucking me with three fingers at once. He added a fourth and eventually, he was fucking me with an entire hand.

He shoved it inside me and balled it into a fist and started fisting me. I was screaming with both pain and pleasure intermixed. The room was filled with the sound of my groans. My pussy muscles tightened around his fist and spasmed, as waves of my orgasm washed over me. When the pleasure subsided, he came much closer and I saw that his dick was standing rigid and upright from watching me cum.

He pushed his dick inside me forcefully and shoved his cock deep in and out of me, brutally fucking the woman that was tied helplessly before him. Rodrick started groaning as his seed exploded deep inside me and he was panting like this was the best fuck that he ever had.