Dog Pounding - Gay Costume

Brandon couldn’t believe his luck. Who could expected that his nineteen birthday Disney World celebration would take this turn. He always wanted to visit Disney World, and this year decision was made to treat himself with the trip. Brandon was a huge Disney fan, but his parents never could afford the trip. He got the job last year after graduation and started saving money for it. His friends were teasing him for being a Disney geek, Brandon was full grown handsome young man now but he didn’t care, it was his dream, and he needed that to come true. He was here alone, and didn’t spare any money, he took all the rides, ate so much candy, and corn dogs and God knows what else. Everything was as he imagined in the Magic Kingdom, and even better.

But this, this was unreal. There he was, watching the parade of costume characters, when he spotted his favorite character of all, Pluto. Brandon’s eyes sparkled with happiness. He had to take a picture, it was a huge crowd waiting to take the picture as well, but Brandon was a determent to make it. He watched Pluto posing with kids and adults, how handsome and cute he was. The muzzle was made in a way that it looked like Pluto was smiling all the time, with his tongue hanging out. The amazing picture was taken, Brandon couldn’t wait to post that on Facebook, everybody will be so jealous, he thought.

As if that wasn’t enough, at the end of the photo session for guests, they picked him out to walk Pluto backstage for his break. It was a part of the show, and he was the winner. All the way to the small dressing room, Pluto was quiet, never said a word. Brandon thought that this was just a part of the act, after all, Pluto didn’t speak in the movies, so he went with it. He didn’t ask any questions. Holding the leash attached to the big collar around Pluto’s neck, he followed.

Brandon was observing the Dog walking in front of him. The person inside couldn’t have been much older than him, probably some young actor working his way through college. Pluto walked with confidence, manly big steps, fur was short and velvety, soft on the touch. Brandon pictured in his head running his fingers through that fur, petting that big happy head, long floppy ears, fondling the tail, chain of his thoughts was interrupted by the pressure in his shorts. He gave himself a boner thinking of Pluto. Blood rushed to his cheeks.

The more he forced himself not to think of it and make it back to normal again, the harder it became.

Pluto closed the door behind them and when he turned to say something to Brandon, his eyes fell on the exploding bulge in Brandon’s shorts.

The Dog didn’t say anything, step forward and that big velvet paw grabbed Brandon’s bulge hard.

Brandon was just standing there arms opened, caught off guard, just letting the Dog groping his crotch. His brain tried to stop it, but his growing erection didn’t allow him to move, it felt good, it felt

so damn good. Pluto dropped on his knees and pulled the shorts down, cock flu out like an angry pit bull from the cage.

Velvet paw started stroking the skin up and down hiding and revealing the shiny round head. Blood rushed to the brain this time, Brandon raised his face to the ceiling, closed his eyes and gasped for air.

He never felt anything like this, The other paw was softly touching his butt cheeks, nesting in the crack. Contraction of his balls pumped precum out of him, making the jerking paw wet and sticky.

Brandon’s breading speeds up, his lungs needed more air, the heart was racing.

Oh God, Brandon thought, this feels so good, this feels so right even though it’s wrong.

His body started twitching announcing an orgasm.

Pluto pulls off his paw from bursting cock. Brandon looked down only to see the Dog taking a position on all four in front of him. Pluto was on his hands and knees. Not talking, not even a bark, dropped down muzzle to the floor and spreading the legs sticking out the butt high in the air.

Brandon was numbly looking at the sight in front of him. Pluto waged his tail as an invitation to Brandon.

He got the signal but wasn’t sure how to do it, the costume looked like a jumpsuit, were to open it? Brandon fell down on his knees between Dogs spread legs, pressing his cock against that tail, and started examining the back of the costume. He felt the seam, it was just the brilliantly hidden velcro. In the split of the second Brandon’s hands rip that fabric apart all the way to the tail. Soft smooth milky skin flashed in front of him. Brandon pull apart the tail section and grabbed the hardest muscly butt he ever felt. Pluto was working out, he figured. He spread the butt and let his hand find the hole, it was there, warm and soft spot in between rock hard flesh. It was slippery, his finger just slid right in. Pluto was already thoroughly lubed, the smell of coconut filled the air around him. Brandon couldn’t wait one more second, he aimed his bull-cock on the entrance and trusted in with full force. The Dog screamed in the howl and fell upward. ’’Where do you think you going’’ Brandon snarled trough breath heavy from ecstasy. Grabbed the Dog by the hips and pulled it back forcefully on his cock. The rhythm of Brandon’s hips was going faster with every next push in the anus. Faster, and stronger piercing inside. His sweat was dripping on the naked back but he was holding on to it. The force was strong, the dog was squealing beneath him.

Brandon releases the grip of his hands around the Plutos waist and grabbed the long ears. He was wildly riding that tail now, holding on to the ears. ’’Who’s the good dog? Who’s the good dog?’’ Brandon squeezed the word through the grip of his teeth while pounding his meet into the hole. ’’That’s right, you are a good dog, good dog!’’

Pluto’s squealing turned to laud growling, the bodies caught in the same rhythm

’’Yes, yes’’ Brandon shouted ’’yes, I’m coming, I’m coming’’

He barely finish the last word, when his semen splashed the inside if, of the guts, Brandon cried out the scream, spilling the liquid waves, it felt like gallons of sperm was coming out filling the ass. He dropped on top of the Dog, his body trembling with weakness.

Pluto collapsed beneath him, heavy breathing, with his tongue hanging outside of his mouth.

Brandon finally got up, pull up his shorts and pet the Dogs tail ’’Good boy’’

He smiled walking towards the gate. It was dark outside, firework lit the sky above the Magic Kingdom. Best birthday ever!