Forced Feminization

I have always been a tomboy sort of girl. During middle school I got teased a lot for my looks and get-up. For this reason, I changed my attitude, my dress-up, way of walking, way of talking, everything, and moved to the feminine side. People could hardly recognize me when I joined high school. To say the least, I was quite attractive, with a tan and long brown hair, slim and fit body (owing to the fact that I had always been into sports in middle school).

I was quite sexy looking and started dating the captain of the football team. He was hot as hell. Girls were mad over him. Me? I was just dating him to blend in after all the hate-speech I went through in middle school. Talking about sexuality…what really turned me on was the though of fucking my boyfriend with a strap-on. I wanted to make him my bitch.

Although I didn’t apply this in real life, I watched a lot of porn with reversed gender roles. Hanging out with boys for most of my life gave me masculine interests. I had bought a strap-on for perfect time.

I had slept over at Jeremy’s (my boyfriend’s) house after we made love. When I woke up in the morning, he was still sleeping. I saw the perfect opportunity. I opened the bag I had brought with me and got out the ropes and tied him to the bed in the position that he already was in i.e. on his back.

Jeremy’s a heavy sleeper. Even drumrolls couldn’t wake him up. Jeremy was already naked for we were fucking last night. I got out my makeup kit and began applying thick makeup on his face. Before you start judging, let me mention what a turn-on it is for me. I ended with putting a wig on his head. Perfect.

I got the strap-on out and put it on my nude body. I then approached Jeremy and rubbed the tip of my strap-on on his asshole entrance. I put on some lube and squeezed the tip inside. He shifted uncomfortably. That single moment fired me up, and I inserted the strap-on inside him with as much force as I could muster.

His body jerked upwards with stabs of pain and he grunted, looking me in the eyes as I thrusted into his asshole harder and harder. My pussy was flooding, for this was a massive turn-on for me.

“Lila what the fuck?” he shouted as I pounded into his ass

“Shh. I have pleased you for a long time now. Time to return the favor my bitch” I told him

With the strap-on, I had all the power to turn him into a piece of fuck-meat. I rocked my hips back and forth stretching his asshole to the limit. I looked at his hard cock which bounced and smacked against his abdomen with every push. As I ponded into him, I felt my powerful orgasm wash over me and I grinded into him, shuddering. His cock, against his will threw out hot jizz. Even though there was no stimulation of my lady-bits, I came hard from just pounding into him that day.