How I enjoyed worshipping my dildos

My name is Alena. I am a beautiful woman. Yes, you heard me right?
This beautiful woman is a rubber dildo lover and can go extra miles to get fanciful rubber dildos up into my rosebud. Yea, I love them up in my ass.
I woke up that morning with an unusual feeling on the side of my thighs. I felt a nauseous headache flow down to my spine but I had this inner feeling that it wasn’t that bad. I could feel some weird sounds reverberating on my ears. It sounded like some kind of machine being operated outside the house. The morning fresh air was not appreciated by me because it made me sneeze a little, with a sharp perception of dust. However, it didn’t distract me as I focused my gaze to the window. I starred outside hoping to see maybe the sprinkler still left unattended to, on the lawn.
‘Could it be that I left the sprinkler on till this morning?,’ I thought to myself. I dashed quickly to the window and gazed quickly towards the lawn. The sprinkler remained calm as the morning air she has refused to acknowledge. She could see that the lawn is drenched. Something was wrong! ‘Did the sprinkler turn itself off?’ She shrugged off the stress of thinking how the poor thing went off. ‘Perhaps, Mrs. Allen had done her job’, I thought to myself.
Mrs. Allen is my neighbor, who hardly sleeps at night. She would hover around looking for ways to set humanity right. She is the only person given authority to trespass even in late hours. ‘She is just an old woman, waiting for her death’, I thought to myself once more. I left my pensive world immediately, as I heard the whirring sound again. This time, it was obvious it wasn’t the lawn. I traced the sound to my bathroom. The bathroom is classy, as it complements a master’s bedroom. The fragrance of the lavender air freshener danced around my nose once more as I stared at the six-inch long dildo, twisting and turning as if it knows I was here.
‘Holy Crap’, I uttered. ‘What the hell is Alice’s dildo doing in my bathroom?’
I barely asked the rhetoric when I remembered the best part of last night. Ever since my boyfriend, Andre left for a business trip, I have bonded closely with Alice. We do almost everything together these days and last night was one of those nights I went out with Alice, to have fun with other ladies. Alice is a gorgeous brunette, whom I have always admired. She stands 5’6” feet tall, with sleek curves that any man would wish to have. I sometimes felt envious of her unique physique. However, dating Andre is the best thing that gives me the upper hand when it comes to rating myself higher to all my friends.
Andre has been travelling a lot these days ever since he got his new job at T-Mobile Telecomm. He would travel for days and weeks consistently. We have talked about this many times and he promised to seek for a position in the company that would require less travelling. I knew what I was fighting for. I don’t want to be so mixed up with Alice and Maggie, my two crazy friends and their lifestyle. Well, after all these travelling brouhaha from Andre, I have no option than to develop this fetish love for my rubber dildos. My rubber dildos are my company. They are the next best thing to my Andre
I smiled at my reflection on the mirror after returning from my pensive world. I could see myself through the mirror on the wall of the bathroom. I stooped down in my night wear and grabbed the huge dildo on its tip. I put off the sound that had troubled my ears for over five minutes and tries to recall how a big dildo ended up on the floor of my bathroom. Then it struck me.
I had visited the bar down town with Alice, where we had ladies’ night out. It was a Friday evening and nerves needed to be calmed. Maggie had shown up with a guy she just met, and the guy looked almost like Andre. For Maggie, it was special for her to finally show the other ladies that she was getting serious about men. Maggie is a bisexual, with her preference for women on steamy affairs. Recently, she seemed to have switched to that side of her that loves men though. Alice on the other hand is a fly girl. She can have any man she wants but she is a full-blown narcissist. Alice is so much in love with herself that she can have sex with herself numerous times. I knew this because she had narrated stories of how she masturbated to me on two occasions. I would often suggest to her to get a man. She will shrug it off with the notion that the men can’t give her pleasure, the ‘Alice way’. One thing led to the other, her dildo ended up in my purse.
I could hear Alice’s voice taking the place of the whirring sound in my head. It’s as if it was a gym session and Alice was my instructor. I turned briskly to see my ass, protruding from the silky night gown I still had on. I didn’t sleep with my panties on. With the quantity of alcohol I consumed last night, I was able to put on my night gown after undressing. I managed to get into the house barely conscious of whatever that’s happening around me. I don’t want to stay alone anymore. I wanted to let out all the pleasure that has been building inside me.
I grabbed the dildo firmly and headed straight into the room. I headed for my own dildos and selected my favorite black dildo. With the two dildos held firmly in my hand, I gently sniffed the rubber scent on the black dildo. This turned me on so much; I could feel my pussy becoming wet. I reached out for my lube and applied on my asshole. My asshole twitched as if it want something huge to go deep. Without wasting time, I slide in the dildo gently into my rosebud. I have done this many times but this penetrative feeling is still my best part, on my orgasmic escapades. When the slender black dildo has gone so deep into my ass, I pounded so hard that I my pussy juice kept floating. I felt the squirting sensation filling up in my pussy. This gave me the nerves to pound more. It was not long till I squirted all over the floor. I breathed out heavily, trying to regain my mental strength before I grab more of my orgasms with my rubber dildos. I inserted the black dildo into my mouth, to feel the taste of my ass in me. It was so satisfying. The scent mixed up with the scent of the rubber, to form an organic taste. I felt like chewing my rubber dildo so hard. It feels so good to have an orgasm.
I didn’t give up on my quest to get multiple orgasms. I took out the second dildo and touched my pussy lips gently and shuddered. I felt satisfied with my knowledge as it mixes with sensuality. I increased the intensity of the massage as I spread my legs wider. I reached out for my cunt and could feel my pussy juice gush out like a fountain. The oil form my lube was barely noticeable as my pussy juice took over. I was lost in the moans and screams of the lady being gangbanged by these amazing dildos. The screams are sending me to orgasms already. I rubbed and grabbed the top of my clit before I decided to reach out to my G-spot. I had forgotten about the real world. I wanted to check the time, but there was no time. I was in my own little world of sensuality. The dopamine level in my brain has increased immensely. I kept up with the intensity and all of a sudden, I could not control myself any longer. I felt my leg shaking as I let go a fountain of squirt all over the floor. This squirting was massive compared to the previous one. I lay down shaking uncontrollably, waiting for my hormones to calm down. I could see myself on the mirror, vibrating so hard. It was an awesome experience. I looked up to see the world from outside. It was already noon. I smiled with satisfaction as I licked my dildos, as if to thank them.
I love these dildos. They are my own Andre.