Impact Play with My Girlfriend

I was one of the popular guys at school. I was smart, cool and good-looking as well. While I was popular, I still had a bad boy aura about me. People thought I looked dangerous. Well, that wasn’t true. I haven’t killed anyone…yet.

I was single besides all my good qualities. That was because I freaked out all the women I have been with. I am dominant. Way…too dominant. And secondly, I haven’t found a woman yet, whom I can share all my dark fantasies with.

Then, I met Amanda. She’s unlike any girl I’ve ever met before. She has red hair, green eyes, a beautiful body and the most amazing smile. We had been dating for about three months when I decided to tell her about my wildest desires. She was, as I expected, very understanding about it. What more, she even agreed to try them out with me. I was beyond delighted.

The day came, when we decided to do it. I prepared everything before Amanda came. When she arrived, she was dumbfounded when she saw all my play tools.

“Changing your mind?” I asked her, as if giving a warning that if you want to step out, step out now. But she merely shook her head in a negative, probably curiosity getting the best of her.

I asked her to strip naked and she did. I proceeded with removing my own clothes. When we were both naked, I brought a pair of handcuffs and put them on her wrists. That done, I asked her to bend over in doggy style. Amanda bent over and I spanked her ass-cheeks.

She uttered a sound and I told her, “I’m going to hit you ten times. Count for me”

“OK” she said obediently, and I brought a butt plug and squeezed it inside of her. She moaned. It must have felt really good. I then picked up my whip and lashed it across her smooth butt.

“One” she said through clenched teeth. I hit her again, harder this time. And again…and again. I hit her up to ten times and she counted each time. Her ass was now red from the whipping. I laid her on her back on the bed and lashed across her pussy. She screamed with the pain, but still counted.

My dick was now rock-hard from all her yelping. She was my slave; I was her master. She did what I told her to do. All this was a major turn-on for me. I prepared for my next task. I had lit candles across the room. I brought one and started pouring candle wax across her tummy. She closed her eyes and tolerated the burn. When I finished my feast, I lowered myself over her and whispered, ‘thank you!’

She was the only woman who gave me space for my desires. I kissed her on her lips and went down on her. It was my turn to please her now. We made intense love that night. We still do, because she is now my wife.