Involuntary Pleasure

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked at the screen flashing the name of my girlfriend, Julie. I smiled and picked it up with a ‘hey babe’

“Wake up sleepy head” she said after hearing my sleepy voice

“I’m up now ” I told her

“You know what tomorrow is, right?” asked Julie

“Duh” I responded

“So…what do you wanna do for your birthday?” she queried

“Depends on you” I said, smiling

“I’m always free for you babe” she said dotingly, “We can do whatever you want”

“Anything I want?”

“Sure!” she replied cheerily

“Tell you tomorrow” I told her, “Hey, I gotta run. Call you later?”

I hanged up and went to the market to make preparations.

The next night, I brought Julie to my house.

“I thought we were doing something special for your birthday” she looked at me questioningly

“We are” I told her, opening the door to my room. The room was lit with dim candle light. Julie understood what was going on in my head. At least she thought she understood.

She sat on the bed, taking off her jacket. I kissed her neck, taking off her top. My hands rested on her tits and I squeezed them. She giggled

“So… this is what you wanted to do for your birthday? Have sex?” Julie asked

“I have much more planned. Just wait hon”

I kissed her, and we removed the rest of her clothes. This was finally happening. It was what I had wanted to try for quite a time. I opened the cupboard and brought ropes and began to tie her to the bed.

“Getting kinky, eh?” she asked. I just smiled and continued.

When she was tightly bound to the bed, I brought in the main course and showed it to her. It was an egg vibrator. Carefully, I pushed it in her moist pussy lips, and it disappeared inside her. Getting the remote of the vibrator in my hand, I put it on.

She immediately started squirming and hints of pleasure washed over her face. I put it on the ‘strong vibrations’ mode. She squirmed for a few minutes and then became still. The next moment, she started shaking as her powerful orgasm hit her.

When it subsided, she gasped, as the vibrator was still inside her. She told me to take it out. Her pleading turned me on even more, and my dick became rock hard. I removed my clothes and started jacking off to my girlfriend hitting orgasm after orgasm. She was screaming with pleasure. She was drained and exhausted. I stroked myself faster and faster.

“Anthony pleased take it out!” she pleaded as she finished cumming a fifth time.

She moaned as the egg vibrated inside her. She jerked her body. Her eyes began to roll to the back of her head, implying that she was falling into a state of ecstasy. Her pussy spasmed and she started shooting out squirt and her whole body shuddered.

Seeing her like this, I couldn’t hold on anymore and I shot thick streams of cumshots into the air and we both came like anything that night. That birthday was the most memorable.