Naughty Mia Shower Spanking

“You know what bad girls get, right?”

She looked over her shoulder as he bent her over and batted her eyes at him. “Spanked?” she asked hopefully.

“You’re damn right. Slutty little bitches get spanked,” Luke said just before he landed the first blow across her enormous ass. The swat stung on her wet skin and she flinched hard. “Slutty little girls get spanked.”

“Oh daddy, please,” she said, playing the part of innocent stepdaughter. “I didn’t mean to!”

“I like that,” Luke told her. “I like when you tense up. It means you want more, doesn’t it?” he asked, swatting her again.

“Please don’t hurt me, daddy,” Mia begged. “I promise I won’t be bad anymore.”

Luke grabbed her long black hair and pulled her back, towards him, in the shower. She felt his cock rubbing against her dripping pussy through his shorts. He traced the outline of his swats on her ass with his free hand.

“You’ve got a lovely big ass,” Luke told her. “An ass made for spanking.”

He swatted her again and again, still holding her hair and forcing her against his cock. The pain was intense but something deeper was building in her pussy. Her moistness ran down her legs, mixing with the water. Luke noticed.

“You’re wet for daddy, aren’t you?”

“Yes daddy,” she cooed. “I’m wet for your cock.”

Luke swatted her again and, when she looked over her shoulder at him, saw his malicious grin.

“Bad girls don’t beg for cock. Bad girls get the cock.”

This was becoming much more than she had expected. At first she just wanted to tease him a little, maybe make him horny by staring at her seductive shape. But with him behind her, hair in his hands, and rapidly smacking her ass, it had quickly turned into something else. Her pussy was throbbing, aching for the cock she felt behind the shorts.

“Please daddy,” she begged. She needed him inside her; she needed to release the building orgasm growing inside her. He’d told her not to beg for the cock but she couldn’t help it. “Please fuck me, daddy.”

Luke ran his hand down between her ample ass cheeks, thumbing her asshole on the way down to her super wet pussy. She clenched out of habit, scared he was going to try to push his fingers in there, but ended up at her cunt. Luke spread her moist lips apart, fingering her throbbing clitoris.

At the sensual touch of his finger, Mia couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Oh, Shit!!!” She yelled, wriggling her huge ass as the divine wave of orgasm washed over her.