On-Looker has Fun

I work for a hotel’s security in Miami. It is a pretty interesting job; you will find out. It was that one particular day that rubbed my interests the other way. I was standing beside the reception when this attractive Cuban couple walked in. They were here to book a room for the night, but they did not look married. My interest perked up. I decided to do a little spying. I could not help it; the girl was so hot!

When night fell, I went back to my cabin. I had a small pinhole camera planted in the room that was given to the couple, when they were out. I have the access cards, so it was pretty easy. I looked at my device which was connected with the camera.

The man was on the bed. The girl was nowhere to be scene. I waited for her to come while I ate my fries. She appeared after some time. She was probably bathing, for her hair was wet and she was in just a towel.

As I watched her, she removed the towel from her body and stood completely naked before the guy. My cock became hard, just watching the beautiful curves of the girl. They indulged irlin kissing, while she pulled the clothes off of him. Their nude bodies entangled with each other’s while their lips locked.

The girl lowered herself and went for his cock and began to suck on it. She licked all the way from the head to the balls and devoured his cock, trying to please her sugar daddy. He gripped her hair and made her deepthroat him. She gagged, and he jerked for it was obviously pleasurable.

He then flipped her and came on the top. He rubbed the head of his cock on her wet, soaking pussy. By this time, I had my willy out of my pants and was stroking it hard and fast. The pressure built in my balls with every stroke.

The man pushed his cock into her pussy. I couldn’t hear the girl, but she was moaning judging by the look on her face. He pulled one of her legs up in the air, over her body and rotated his hips a bit, shoving his entire length inside her, moving his firmness deep within her love tunnel in small circles.

He kissed her boobs as he pounded her. I stroked the length of my shaft faster and faster while watching them fuck.
He pressed into her harder, forcing his stiffness deep within her body. Her fingers slid across his back as she guided him into her. His hips thrusted faster against hers, pressing himself even deeper inside of her with harder strokes. They were near and so was I. As they came and trembled against each other, my cock shot thick streams of cum and I groaned loudly. I have watched people fuck ever since. It’s an obsession.

Very nice! Love it :grin:

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