Room Service does and extra Service

I was travelling abroad on a business trip for a couple of weeks. Already, a week had passed since I had been staying alone at a hotel. I am a married man who worships pussy and feet. I am obsessed with them. One whole week without my wife was driving me mad. I didn’t think I could hold through another. I just had to get me some pussy. I love to suck pussy. I could do it all day.

I was masturbating in my hotel room after a tiring day of conferences. A porn video was running on my laptop. I had had my supper in the dining hall and ordered dessert to be sent to my room. I was beating my cock hard and fast when I heard a knock on the door. I hurriedly put on my boxers, shut the laptop and said, ‘Come in!’

A young and attractive maid entered the room. She was blonde and looked 18-19 years old. She dragged the cart to my bedside and asked me if I wanted her to serve me the ice-cream.

“Sure!” I said and sat up straight on the bed while staring at her long shapely legs and then her feet, which were inside long heels. My cock stood up hard in my boxers as I looked at the beauty before me.

I wanted to hide my erection, so I got up, and stood facing away from her. But I couldn’t help it. I walked over behind her, staring at her booty, and she asked, “is there something else you need sir?”

I grabbed her boobs from behind, over her uniform, and began massaging them

“Wh-what are you doing?” she asked me

“Shhh” I said, “the customer is always right, so you do what I say”

She struggled to get free, but she was a fragile thing. I threw her on the bed and stripped her, removing her heels as well. I took her beautiful feet in my hands and started nibbling on them, sucking her toes. She looked at me in surprised. I licked away at her feet, worshipping them. Then, I moved upwards, sucking on her inner thighs. Her bare pussy was soaking wet now. It was obvious that she was turned on.

I went to her cart and picked up the chocolate syrup. I coated her pussy with it. It was full of chocolate now and I started probing her with my tongue while I ate her out. She moaned with pleasure as I devoured her chocolate coated soft pussy. I lapped at her clit, licking it clean of chocolate, then nibbled on it, sucking it in my mouth.

I teased it with the tip of my tongue. She grabbed my hair with her hands, pushing me further into her, guiding my head to her pleasure spots as she came closer and closer to her orgasm. I began sucking her swiftly and she arched her back screaming, ‘Oh God’ as she became still and started shuddering. Her pussy spasmed under my tongue and released her cum. I licked her pussy clean with my tongue. That was the best room service I ever had.