Tease and Denial

I anxiously waited for my boyfriend to come home. I had put on a very sexy red lingerie under my normal clothing. I was going to please him to death tonight! My pussy was already wet with anticipating what would happen tonight.

I bit my lit when I heard the door unlock and click open, followed by his footsteps that walked towards the door. His eyes were probably searching for me as I was always waiting in the living area for him. The door to the room we shared opened, and he stepped inside. I was on my side of the bed, facing away from him.

He called my name and I turned my head, getting up. I pulled off my upper dress, revealing the sexy lingerie I was wearing. He stood in his place, dumbfounded. I walked towards him and pulled him by the arm, towards the bed.

“Like what you see?” I asked him

“Like?” he said, “I absolutely love it!”

I giggled and started undressing him, his clothes met mine on the floor. I pulled out a piece of cloth I was keeping under the pillow and blindfolded him.

“Hey? What gives?” he queried

“Shh … baby” I told him, “Let me love you how I want to”

He obliged after that. I tied his hands together and tied them firmly to the bedpost. His cock had started becoming hard and stood firm now. I gently started stroking my boyfriend’s dick while he was tied and blind-folded. I squeezed some lube on to my hand and started stroking the length of his shaft while I sucked on his balls. He started groaning with the pleasure as my tongue trailed along the length of his cock in circles, to the mushroom head. The tip of my tongue dipped inside the opening of his penis head. He gasped with the teasing, his hands bound, unable to move. Just as he started experiencing intense pleasure, I stopped.

He gasped at the sudden loss of touch. I picked up a soft feather and began tickling and teasing his cock with it, he tried moving his hips forward, to get more touched. I traced circles around the head of his cocks with the feather and he murmured, ‘Please’

I smiled and pulled out a vibrator from my drawer. It was a vibrating wand, my favorite toy. Switching it on, I placed it on his balls. He jerked up with pleasure. I kept it there for a few seconds, then pulled it away. Then put it on his cock’s head and after a few seconds pulled it away again. I repeatedly did this. He jerked every time I placed the vibrator on his pleasure spots.

“I can’t stand it anymore” he pleaded helplessly, “Please let me come”

I placed the vibrator on his cock and kept it there this time. He started groaning as the pressure in his balls began to build. They started twitching and his cock pulsated and shot thick heavy loads of cum into the air. I had never seen him shoot such a big load before.