The lover called Harry

Harry smiled as he stared at his reflection on the mirror. He is wearing the new tight briefs he bought from a Givenchy store, feeling too narcisstic about himself. Harry is a muscular dude with a charming look which ladies admire. Already standing tall at 5’7”, he is also endowed with some charisma which makes him stand out amongst all. His popularity among women in his workplace would make a campaigning politician jealous of such flair. Harry has brown hairs and hazel eyes, which made most guys, think of him as a gay. However, Harry was far away from the grasps of the LGBT folks. He has his own preference which sometimes made him feel he is having a sickness. His knack for panties has turned him into a panty-pervert. He is ready to rob a lady at gun point only to steal her panties. Inasmuch as Harry could hypnotize ladies with his charming looks, he can switch to become a victim of panty-hypnosis in the snap of the fingers. Most of these ladies reeling over him are not aware of Harry’s major preference. Really, no one bothers about such when they get some good sex from this Herculean-esque muscularly dude. Harry banged his women as they wanted it, and tries as much as possible to retain, or rather detain their panties.

Harry’s paternal grandparents were native Indians. Perhaps, this could be the origin of his fetish-loving habits. The native Indians were said to practice all sorts of fetish activities and also the worship of many artifacts. His mum is an African-American, making Harry a thorough evidence of ethnicity. He is still cute nevertheless. Despite all these, Harry has a woman in his life. Recently, he has become so intimately attached to Zoe and he has been sort of refraining from the attention of many other ladies. Zoe is his boo. She is the only one that knows he has this addiction to panty worship.
Harry and Zoe are colleagues. There was something about Zoe that made Harry so bent on making her crawl to his knees. He succeeded though, but it was not something he bragged about to his friends. At first, Zoe was not falling for his gimmickry and hypnotism. It took Harry extra efforts and restraint from other ladies to win himself Zoe. The thing he has with Zoe started getting too serious. Being in his mid thirties, he is slightly younger than Zoe though. But Harry does not mind those age-compatibility index. It was Zoe’s youthful and ravishing appearance that has caught him over the last eight months. He was shocked when he got to know that Zoe was over 40 years old. She is seven years older. Despite all these, Zoe was still respectful and calm in her relationship with Harry. They became the side gossips at their workplace for a while before their colleagues got used to their life.
Still staring at his reflection, Zoe’s thoughts filled his minds. He went straight to his drawers and opens the topmost cabinet. He has a handle of Zoe’s panties, all unwashed and filled with the scent of old pussy juice all over them. The first thing Zoe did when she entered his life was to dispose the collection of panties belonging to other women. It’s like disposing bones given to a stray dog by strangers and adopting the stray dog with a brand new bone. Zoe promised him of different panties of different scents anytime she visits. Zoe is such a loving woman, who wants all the best for her partner.
Immediately he saw the blue nylon panties which Zoe wore on her visit, the previous Saturday evening, Harry felt so excited. He swiftly brought it out and held it close to his nose, as if to sniff Zoe right into his presence. The then put into his mouth as if to masticate the pussy juice right back into his body. He can feel his 6-inch cock rise with all rage as if it wants to attack the imaginary Zoe.
Harry fell back to the sofa. He hung the panties on the huge cock like it’s a flag. He reached out immediately for the lotion by the mirror side and rubbed it at bit on the already hard cock. He cock responded as if it wants to give a welcome gesture.
‘This panty is not enough,’ he thought to himself.
He rushed back to the drawer and added a red panty to his face, and all of Zoe stood before him. Harry was lost in a world where the panty-covered face only sees Zoe and her brown-skinned body. Harry can fantasize her feeding her fresh pussy lips into his mouth. Harry is a good kisser and also good with cunnilingus. He could eat pussy for a whole day, no wonder his love for panties. HE could see her spread her pink pussy lips so wide that he felt pussy juice dripping on her face. He was in ecstasy.
Down below his abdominal region, Harry was stroking his cock with all masculinity. He has stroked so hard against the panties that it seems he was thrusting deep into the cunt of the imaginary Zoe. The nylon material of the panty made the stroking so easy for him, yet he seems to be so far away from releasing his cum. But Harry was so determined to cum. He had to cum.
The scent from the panty in his face reminded him of the new perfume she wore while wearing the red panty. He fell back into this mini trance and stroked his cock, this time around he saw himself slitting that juicy pussy with his massive cock. He shuddered with the feeling. He felt the cum almost on the tips of his penis. He increased the intensity of his stroking as he exploded into the nylon blue panty. He shivered a little as he let out a little groan. He came so hard this time around that he got lost in his environment. Then a bigger event occurred.
The door was thrown wide open and it was Zoe standing with the keys in her hands. She seems so disappointed for missing out in Harry’s solo party and it showed on her face. Harry was lying stark naked and breathless. He tried to maintain a firm gaze.
‘Oh my gosh! What happened here?’, she blurted.

Harry replied with a weak smile, ‘You just missed an explosion”.

Both of them laughed so hard at the weakly ejected joke as she ran into his sweaty body to get a deep hug.

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