Third-Date Domination

It was their third date and Jason was glad he was finally able to get her to his apartment. Hardly had they stepped inside when she began taking off her clothes.

She looked at him and barked, “Come here and lick my pussy!”

“Yes ma’am,” Jason said jokingly, but she smiled at him as if he was submitting to her properly. He got down on his knees as she leaned against the wall, and he brought his lips to her slightly wet pussy.

He kissed her inner thighs, and he continued to kiss everywhere but her actual pussy. He was doing it to tease her; to make her want him more, and his efforts seemed to be working.

“Fucking lick it!” She yelled as she grabbed the back of Jason’s head and shoved his mouth into her pussy.

He kissed her clit before opening his mouth, tasting her slowly with his tongue. Jason inhaled deeply; he preferred his women to have a slight odor. Something about their natural aroma sets him off, and in this case his cock was pushing against his jeans.

Amelia allowed him to worship her pussy for several minutes. Jason was just getting ready to stand up so that he could push over the arm of the couch and fuck her with all his pent up desires, but she turned around and presented him with her beautiful ass.

“Kiss my ass!” She said, “Fucking kiss it!”

Jason licked his lips, and his heart began to beat quickly. He had always dreamed of being able to taste a woman’s butt, however, he always lacked the ability to come out and ask for it.

When his lips pressed against her ass, she moaned louder than she did when he was licking her pussy. It was as if she got off more on the power of knowing that a man was submitting to her. Jason did not fight it. He continued to plant kisses on her ass until she ordered him to lick.

He wanted to taste it, but it still felt wrong to do. Kissing her butt was just the same as kissing skin, but to his tongue between her butt cheeks was an act of true worship. Jason inhaled as much air as he could before he wedged his face into her butt. Amelia giggled at him, and placed her hand on the back of his head as he used his tongue to pleasure her ass.

She started to shift all of her weight backwards, and before he knew it, his head was pinned against the wall and his face was deep in her ass. Jason was on his knees, and he felt one of her feet on the top of his leg. One at a time, she stepped on his legs and knees and she was perched on his face with all of her weight coming down on him. There wasn’t much he could do but hold his tongue deep inside of her ass.

“You make a good chair!” She said as she laughed.

Suddenly, she stood up and went on her knees, shaking her ass at Jason as she placed her hands on the couch.

Amelia glanced back at him, commanding, “Now, fuck me hard!!!”

Jason smiled as he stared at her pink pussy. She had just handed him a VIP access to wreck her cunt and he wasn’t going to waste the chance.

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