Treated like a Slave

I woke up and found the bed empty. Scenarios of the previous night flashed into my head. My boyfriend and I got really drunk and had intense hot sex on his bed. But where was he now?

I put on a T-shirt and shorts, and walked into the unit’s kitchen, thinking he would be having breakfast or something and found it empty as well. I heard footsteps and turned around with a smile. It wasn’t Jason. My smile instantly faded. It was Paul. He and my boyfriend shared this apartment. I have seen Paul before. Even joked around with him.

But what made me uneasy was, that he was completely naked. It appeared that he had just come out of the shower, for his hair was wet. Compared to me, he was completely cool and muttered a casual ‘sorry’.

“Where’s Jason?” I asked him, trying not to look at his huge, magnificent cock.

“Jason got a call from his Dad. He needed to run an errand for him. Told me to tell you he was sorry he had to pop-out,” explained Paul

“Oh” I said, preparing to leave, my eyes unconsciously falling on his cock again. I stared and stared.

“Whatcha looking at?” he asked me, stepping closer.

“N-nothing” I stammered, turning my head out of embarrassment.

Paul came closer, so close, I could feel his breath on my skin. He put his fingers on my chin and turned my face to look him in the eye.

“You like my cock, don’t you?” he asked me

“No, no” I told him, “I should go”

But he pressed his lips to mine in a lingering kiss. His hands wandered lower, roaming inside my shorts, finding my pussy. It was wet since I saw Paul’s cock.

“Oh, so you want me” he said, smiling, “You slut”

He began to rub me furiously. I told him to stop but I just got wetter and wetter. Maybe I did want him. He forcefully removed my shorts and shirt.

“Don’t!” I told him

“Shut up!” he told me, “Call me daddy, bitch”

This whole scenario was turning me on like fire. Desire coursed through my entire body as he rubbed his cock up and down my pussy. He told me to get in the doggie position.

“Yes daddy” I said, and got in position.

But instead of his cock, I was met with a painful lash on my butt. I screamed in pain.

“Shut the fuck up” said Paul, “unless it is to beg me to fuck you deep. You are my slave now”

He hit me with lash after lash. Across my pussy and across my ass. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Fuck me, daddy!” I begged him, “Please, I want your cock. Put it in deep. I’m your slave daddy”

Paul thrust his cock deep inside me and started fucking me like an animal. He started pumping in and out of me. His dick went in and out at such a pace that the whole room was filled with the sound of his balls slapping against my ass. My tits bounced with every thrust. I felt my orgasm come and he too, heaved inside me for one last time and shot his cum deep into my depths. He pulled out, his cum leaked out of me.

“This is only the beginning” Paul told me and left the room.