When Fan Bends You Over

’’May I have your autograph?’’ Dylan’s hand was shaking from excitement while placing a picture on the table. His eyes were fixed on a giant furry head in front of him. Big mean looking orange eyes and the long open muzzle were just three feet away from him.

All those scary features belonged to Staley Da Bear, the official mascot of the Chicago Bears Football team, who was sitting on the other side.

’’I’m the biggest fan of The Bears, but even more of yours Staley’’ Dylans emotions were boiling inside, he tried to keep it cool, but his voice was up an octave, ’’You are my favorite part of the game’’ He tried to make a joke, nervously smiling.

Finally, Staley took the picture and press the black marker to it.

’’Can you dedicate it to Dylan? That’s my name, you know. I’m twenty-three and I never missed the game in all these years’’ Dylan continued, trying to fill in the awkward silence. He doesn’t need to know your age, the voice of reason in his head was saying, just stop babbling. But he couldn’t.

Staley wasn’t just a mascot to him. Dylan had strange feelings towards this fury bear.

Staley finished his writing and hand over a picture back to him.

Dylan’s face lit with smile from ear to ear. ’’Oh, thank you, Staley, thank you’’ Holding the picture like it is the biggest treasure he owned, carefully returning it back in his backpack.

Dylan extended his hand for a handshake. To his surprise, Staley stood up and walked around the table towards him.

Staley opened his arms and gave a big bear hug to Dylan, Pulling him against that furry body.

Dylan ecstatically accepted, hugging him back. He was lost in this mountain of fur. Big bear was petting his back and his hair with fake paws, it felt so good.

Staley, pull himself out of the hug and moved aside. Dylan looked at him, didn’t know what more to do, so he turned to leave. When big paw landed on his shoulder, he noticed in Staley body motion that they not done yet. Staley mimic to him with one hand and show to the door on the side with the other.

Was that a request to follow him? Dylan asked himself. Staley walked to the door, stopped and look back at Dylan. Wave his paw in a gesture that meant, follow me. So Dylan did.

They were walking down the corridor of the locker room area. You could hear the cheers of the crowd in the background, as the game was still on. They didnt talk. Dylan couldn’t make himself to say anything. He was in the exclusive back area of the stadium, walking with the bear of his dreams. It felt unreal. His voice, on the other hand, was screaming in his head, where are we going? Am I allowed to be here? What’s gonna happen? Am I in trouble? Million questions, but dead silence.

Before Dylan got it together with his thoughts, he found himself in the small, tiny room. Staley closed the door behind him. It was just two of them, alone. Few shelves with rows of paper towels, soaps, shampoos, creams, and more locker rooms necessities, one desk and a couple of storage boxes on the floor. Dylan turned around towards Staley to finally ask the question, why are they here? When he found his face buried in the furry chest. Staley grabbed him around the waist and pulled him tight, once more. ’’Hey, what are you doing’’ Dylan managed to protest it a little. He made his voice sound deep and manly, in order to oppress his surprise and sudden anxiety.

Staley didn’t say anything, sliding one paw under Dylan’s jersey. He stayed frozen in time. Like a deer caught in the car lights, he just stood there.

Staley didn’t waste any time. His paws were working its way all over Dulans young hard torso. Fondling the muscles, glazing down the skin, touching his broad chest, playing with hard nipples, twisting them softly. Dylans breathing speed up, he didn’t say anything, his heart beating, his chest expanding, getting more air. Staley pulls off the jersey from Dylan’s body, tossing it across the room.

Dylan felt the paw going down to his crotch. Pants were stretched to the maximum with his stone hard cock like a beast wanted to be released. That’s exactly what Staley did next. Grabbing the pants and pulling them all the way to the ankles. The beast was free. His dick like a spear standing straight in all his pride.

Dylan was still in denial, this is just another dream, I’m not standing here naked, that’s not big bad bear in front of him. Feeling of a furry paw grabbing his cock firmly and tight, broth him back to reality. Stroking his skin, touching his balls. It was a big paw but the head was still uncovered, all shiny and wet. Dylan was panting, naked and exposed with his dick inside of a fury Staley’s paw. He didn’t want to come yet, this moment needs to last.

’’Let me touch you’’ Dylan said with short breath, reaching to Staley’s crotch. Bear stud up straight. Dylan groped that crotch feeling Staley’s big cock under the fabric. He played with it, squeezing it hard.

By the increase of Staleys breathing, Dylan could tell that he is close to finishing. He didn’t want that, he wanted more. Pulling back his hand he said with a raspy passionate voice. ’’I want to fuck you, Staley’’

Staley wanted the same. He steps at the desk and bends himself over the surface, spreading the feet apart. Dyland noticed the zipper going the full length of the back of that costume. He reached and start pulling down all the way down ending between the thighs. There was no clothes under it,

just a naked fit muscular body. Tracing his hand down that back, spreading the fabric apart, he revealed the perfect firm hairy ass. Dylan grabbed that ass with both hands, squeezing and spreading the cheeks apart. One finger disappeared down the hole, Staley’s hips twitched, then another finger in, Staley pushed his hips back. Dylan was going insane with ecstasy. He grabbed a cream from the shelves and squirt it on the hole, spreading it with his fingers deep inside, stretching the entrance. Staley was snarling.

Dylan stud up pressed the head of his swollen cock against the entrance. His hands locked Staley’s hips in place and he trusts his hips forward, penetrating bear’s guts. They both cry out with pleasure and pain mixed together. He stayed all in, without moving, for a moment, just grasping the feeling. The skin of his cock rubbing against the skin of an ass hole, tightly pressing it. He felt the fur touching his balls, giving it an extra pleasure.

Dylan picks up the rhythm and speed. Staley was clutching the edges of the desk, trying to stick his fingers in the wood, growling faster, deeper and stronger with every new strike of Dylan’s hips.

Dylan dug his fingers deep in Stanly’s fur, impaling him on the cock.

More, and deeper, he needs to go deeper, Dylan thought. Thrusting his hips forward, and more.

He reached with his hand between Staleys thighs to find that bear cock. It was big and hard, Dylan grasped it and squeeze, not stopping his hips to move even harder fucking that ass.

That squeeze around his cock pushed Staley over the edge, with the animal howl he splashed the seed in Dylan’s hand. Warm slick liquid covering his hand was all that Dylan needed, he pushed himself one last time deep inside and with the orgasmic cry started pouring semen inside Staley. His body twisted, sweat was dripping, but he couldn’t pull out, he didn’t want to pull out, he was spilling every drop inside.

Finally, barely holding on his shaky legs, Dylan separated himself from Staley, pulling his soft cock out. Sperm was dripping down the Staley thighs and balls. Dylan’s hand was full of Staleys precious liquid. He shook it off and wiped the rest on his skin. Staley was still bent over on the desk, heavily breathing. Dylan pulls the zipper up, hiding the real skin again.