When Mascots Fuck - Gay

The locker room was quiet. Just a half an hour ago it was full of cheers and laughs celebrating the victory of Denver Broncos over visitors from Cleveland. The floor was still wet from Champagne and wet towels all over the room. It will stay like that until the cleaning lady comes in the morning. Party was moved to the near hotel for a real all night long celebration.

Even though it was quiet, it was not empty.

A Dog and a Horse standing opposite each other merely feet away, eyes fixed to one another eyes.

The Dog was a mean looking Cleveland Browns mascot. Big brown, covered with short fur. Muzzle full of teeth open to a fierce smile. Not someone you would like to see in the dark. He was staring into a big white Horsehead in front of him. Miles was a Denver Broncos mascot, didn’t look any less scary with a bright orange mane and matching orange eyes on top of the long face.

’’You know what to do doggy!’’ Miles spoke first, breaking the silence but still not moving ’’Bet is a bet’’

’’You won with one point’’ Chomps snapped back ’’by pure luck if may ad’’

’’Never the less, the bet is a bet, and you lost puppy’’ Miles walked around Chomps and stopped behind him. The Dog didn’t move, standing still even when Miles touched his butt with one hand and grabbed his crotch with the other. Chomps moaned when the hand squeezed his balls. He knew he had to take it, it was a stupid bet, but he would do the same if he won. So whatever it comes his way, he needs to take it like a champ, he cannot embarrass himself by pleading for mercy.

’’Ok, let’s get over it’’ he said, and leaned over, bowing his head and grabbing the bench beneath him with his strong hands as support.

The horse looked pleased with the submission. He fondled Dogs ass over the tight white pants, exploring and feeling of the shape. He grasped the edge and roughly pull them down, leaving a nice hairy bubble butt exposed in the light. His breath was deep while gliding his palms over the skin, admiring the perfect jocks ass. ’’I’m so gonna enjoy this’’ he slapped the butt cheek strongly, Dog moaned ’’And you gonna like it too Chompy’’. Miles went down on his knees, spread the cheeks a dug his finger in the hole. Chomps left one painful moan escaped his mouth but then clench his teeth together in silence.

’’Don’t worry doggy, I will make sure that you have a good time too’’ Miles smiled and reached for the Dogs cock hanging softly between the muscly thighs. He started gently milking it, pulling the skin down then releasing it, then again but little harder, picking up the rhythm, stroking fast growing dick in his hand. Together with enlarging cock, Chop’s moaning was turning to pleasure. He was enjoying this uncomfortable situation. Miles kicked his feet apart, and now his rock hard cock was being milked viciously. ’’Ah yes’’ Miles continued ’’That’s it, you see you like it, doggy, and what a big doggy you are, impressive’’

Electricity was going up Chomps spine, he will come in just a few more strokes, he moaned loudly, an echo of his moan bounces the walls of the locker room.

Miles pulled his hand off the cock. ’’Oh no you want’’ He said ’’You don’t think that you will get the pleasure and I won the bet’’ another strong slap of the bare butt cheeks.

’’Lay on the bench, you need to feel the horse meat’’ Miles command.

Chomps lay his body as told and stick up his ass.

’’No doggy’’ Miles pulled him up by his jersey ’’You are my bitch tonight, and I’m gonna fuck you like a bitch’’. Chomps were facing the long face of the horse.

’’Take the pants off and lay on your back’’

Chomps obeyed the command. He placed himself on his back and lift the legs up. Miles took the body lotion from the nearest locker and placed heavily on the hole, working his finger in. It felt good.

After the hole was worked out properly, Miles pulled down his pants. Chomps realized why they picked him to be the horse, that dick was a horse dick, he never saw a dick that big. He gasped from fear and intrigue. ’’Don’t hurt me’’ he start pleading.

’’Just relax’’ Miles said while resting that big head at the entrance. Slow push in, the hole started stretching and opening for the cock. Chomps cried out, heavily breathing.

It was in, it was all in. Miles pull it out half way then pushed it back in. The hole was still resisting tight. Chomps was growling with pain. Miles speed up his rhythm. The sound of balls slapping against the ass filled the room. ’’Relax’’ Miles whisper. Finally the cock won, hole relaxed, pressure was gone. That was the signal for Miles to go horse full on that butt. He grabbed Dogs big hard cock in his hand and began pumping hard while drilling the hole. Choms was screaming in a mix of pain and pleasure. ’’You like that puppy ha? You like my meat in you?’’

’’Yes, yes’’ Dog squealed ’’I love that horse dick, yes, fuck me hard, stallion’’

Miles mind clouded from these words, he fucked like never before, giving the full force of his hips, ripping apart dogs ass ’’Here you go then, take it a puppy, take it like my bitch’’ he screamed ’’Are you, my dog bitch? Is this my dog bitch ass?’’

’’I’m your bitch’’ Dog screeched ’’It’s your ass.’’

Miles was about to explode watching this manly bulldog beneath him, twitching and twisting on his cock. His hand pumping dog’s dick faster and harder, his cock splitting that ass in half.

Deafening neigh broke out of his throat, as he spilled his horse seed inside. The Dog howl was followed in a second, spraying the explosion all over him. They both collapsed on the floor, unable to get up. Weakness in their bodies left them laying there next to each other.

Chomps turned his muzzle towards Miles. ’’Teams playing a second round next month, you know’’ he said. Miles looked back at him ’’Are you in the mood for a bet’’, he smiled.